Coursework & Coaching: Select Priorities

Well done, you’ve completed all the learning for Module 1 and passed your first assessment! You’re now able to Click Here to schedule your Coaching Session with a PMI Consultant

Purpose of Coaching Session: To support your competency development as a Kaizen Practitioner preparing to lead a kaizen event, this coaching session is designed to help you deliver the best possible outputs and outcomes for you and your business.

Before you progress, you’ll need to upload your Course Work for this module. Please upload a combined document with the following:

  1. Evidence of the defined problem with a problem statement, complete charter document or 3-question model statement
  2. Evidence of a Team (>1) with team contracting, roles and responsibilities
  3. Evidence of Voice of the Customer
  4. Evidence of data collection for current baseline performance data
  5. Evidence of initial SIPOC creation